Friday, 16 November 2012


UBuild is a modular system designed to enable you to build enclosures for fruit and vegetables, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Dogs, Chickens etc. The Ubuild system can be made as a permanent structure, attached to existing buildings or free standing. It can be easily dismantled and moved . additional units can be added as required. Size and Configurations are endless. A range of add-on Rooster boxes, Nest boxes, Flight Cages and Kennels are available, these can have lockable pop holes or flaps to contain the occupants to facilitate cleaning and feeding. Double safety doors can be built as required. All wire edges are totally enclosed. Most units can easily be assembled by one person with the minimal amount of tools. All timber is treated, screws are stainless steel and all fittings are zinc plated.

This Rabbit Hutch is an ideal home for your pet. The 1"x 1" x 16 gauge wire mesh will protect your pet from any predators; along side the 1" 1/2 planned wooden frame construction. The living quarters for the animal is made up from 3/4inch plywood, which will keep the heat in, the hutch is also lockable with a 4" hasp and staple lock. The dimensions are 1mtr x 950mm W x 660mm H

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