Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bird Boxes

Now is the time to be putting up bird boxes ready for next spring so they have time to naturaly wether in place. See our full range at :-


Monday, 2 September 2013

Customer Feedback

Recent customer feedback.
The contract to supply and fit was exeptional and the two men, namely Bill & Chris carried out the work brilliantly. Good ambassadors for your company.
Mr C
Nod Rise

Monday, 14 January 2013


At wilfirs we produce our very own snow shovels. These snow shovels are ideal for the current bad weather the uk is having. If you would like to purchase one or a pallet of 25 contact us today for more information and shipping costs.

have a look at our shop, Wilfirs.com

The shovel has a strong 9mm waterproof Hardwood Birch, Plywood blade. This blade does not need a steel edge and unlike plastic shovels will not shatter in freezing cold weather. Furthermore unlike plastic or steel shovels, hardwood plywood blade will glide easily over paving slabs, block paving and rough surfaces.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Royal Nordic Rainbow

At wilfirs we supply our deluxe fencing panel range, this Softwood quality Lattice Top Panel is 1800mm (71inches) wide x 1200mm (4ft) high. This panel is GREEN pressure treated for longer life span. This highest point on the panel is 1200mm ( which is the top of the bow) The start of the bow is 1000mm.

This is a quality version of this panel unlike that sold on some sites. The panel is 45mm thick and the slats are held in place with Stainless Steel Screws not staples.

Size of panel can be increased to 1830 (72 inches) by adding two packing strips which are available from us.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


This is Wilfirs Completed STACKiT fencing. STACKiT fencing can be simply slotted between two Plastic / Concrete or nailed to two timber posts. Each section is 300mm (1ft) high so Fence can be built to any height with any combination of Timber, Concrete or Plastic gravel boards.

Each Section of STACKiT fencing has a double sided construction. This is Ideal for when both sides of the fence want to see the good side. Other benefits of double sided construction are far stronger than normal fencing panels, totally peep proof and high acoustic sound reduction properties. Ideal against roads or other noisy situations. If one side gets damaged it remains peep proof and secure and can then be easily repaired. High level of security as there are no rails to enable people to climb the fence.

Friday, 23 November 2012


When Composite Decking is required Exterior Decking only recommends Millboard composite timber decking. It captures the charm of real wood but eliminates its shortcomings for outdoor environments. Millboard composite decking boards are replicas of prime oak samples. They are manufactured from polyurethane with up to 50% recycled fillers. The boards are then hand coloured to perfectly reproduce the detail of natural wood with minimal repetition and it retains an exceptionally stable surface with a stunning appearance throughout its entire lifetime. It has a similar surface hardness to hardwood and its low slip, non-porous surface that repels algae, never rots, warps or gives splinters, it is ideally suited for domestic and commercial use. Millboard decking retains an exceptionally stable surface with a stunning appearance throughout its long lifetime. Its all – new composite decking offering you unique features of non-maintenance, fire retardant, anti – algae that are made using recycled natural products.

Featheredge Panels

This Featheredge Panel is very strong and is made up from entirely pressure treated timber. We use heavier framework and thicker Featheredge boards than all other manufactures of a similar panel. It consists of a complete frame of 40mm x 40mm (1½" x l½") timber with two centre battens on 1.8mtr and 1.5mtr (6ft and 5ft) panels and only one on 1.2mtr and 900mm (4ft and 3ft) panels and a integral gravel board 40mm x 87mm (1½” x 3 ½”) The panel is covered with 18 featheredge boards that are cut from 125mm x 22mm (5" x 7/8") timber to give a generous overlap and is complete with a 63mm (2 1/2") wide capping rail wide enough to cover the frame and boards. We use Heavy Mechanical Galvanized (not zinc plated) nails to construct our fence panels. This panel is also available in bow or dip top, scalloped top or scalloped top with trellis insert. Wilfirs manufacture the highest quality & specification Featheredge Board Panels available in the UK no other manufacturer can match our full specification.